This is the Zero Suit Samus design from the new Smash Bros. How the mighty have fallen.

Just read about this redesign on Wario’s blog, but didn’t see the full-body image… WOW, are those heels fucking terrible(also tasteless as hell)

Added Samus’s previous design for the reference.


This is particularly upsetting since, as Dingo pointed out in a recent submission:

This is disappointing as Metroid was one of the first highly successful games to star an original female lead in a way that was inconsequential to gameplay and completely lacking in gender signifiers.

Samus is ~ 6’3”, 200lbs of space bounty-hunter whoopass.

Samus needs high heels like a barracuda needs a unicycle.

- wincenworks

In all honesty, I’m totally down with all of these criticisms but ZSS herself basically only exists as because she’s a sexy marketing mechanism, this doesnt surprise me. Not only that, but I’m TOTALLY down for kicking someone in the face with those heels.

Wait, so we’re supposed to believe that she wears heels…while she’s inside an armor…that has no heels?  How?  

See, my guess there is because of the same laws of the universe that dictate that her skin-tight suit and excessive jiggling are requirements. Same laws of the universe that dictate that women shouldn’t wear realistic armor, only ones that make them look pretty on the battlefield!

Did I say laws of the universe? I meant iron fist of misogynistic gamerbros. But I’m gonna be taking advantage of those heels, T R U S T M E

I had assumed they were supposed to function like the long fall boots from portal…  guess i was wrong

Even if they were supposed to work that way (which is highly unlikely, I’ve read they’re some kind of rocket boots), their design does not convey that in the slightest.

Notice how actual long fall boots and advanced knee replacements from Portal are designed to resemble running prosthesis  and bouncing stilts



Valve does their research.

Nintento just slaps butt-ugly 4-inch heels on a female character only because they can.



We all know that in the golden years, as reference for animation, there were live action characters to study movement, posing, lighting, etc. It is all about filling the frame with proportions and personality. Here are some examples for some films, comparing a photostat wit the actor’s performance and the result, showing how greatly they influenced the animators.

Love how they just used a Mickey Mouse plush to reference Michael in the Peter Pan shot.

Many of these actors were favorites and were hired for various characters, like Helene Stanley who was a live action reference for Cinderella and Anastasia Tremaine (Cinderella), Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Anita Radcliffe (101 Dalmatians) or Kathryn Beaumont who was for Alice (Alice in Wonderland) and Wendy Darling (Peter Pan) as seen above.

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